Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Looking for horror contributors

Bloodee has been around for a few months now and it's been great. For one, we have good solid posters like zombiezoo, booya and santos, but we need more to bring this site to where we want it to be.

I am looking for new people to add content to the site (on a daily/weekly basis), and to help build the collective - and to achieve this, we have integrated a revenue sharing platform into the script, which replaces our Adsense ID with the ID of story submitters. In other words, if you have an adsense ID and you love/write horror, you can potentially earn money through google adsense simply by submitting horror content.

Google Adsense has stamped such systems, as long as there's only one publisher ID on any given page, and that the Adsense TOS is followed.

We are looking for any type of horror content: reviews, essays, news, interviews, photos, art, fiction, clips, anything that turns up your crank on the topic of horror.

Interested? Give me a shout on M+S+N at horror.writers[att]


Maze said...

I love your site. Stop by the cafe when you get a chance.

zombiologist said...

Had the chance to visit your great blog: